“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars” — Oscar Wilde

In Ireland we went to a lot of historic places that just blew us away. Blarney Castle was massive and seemed like there was no end to the land. We climbed the never ending stairs and kissed the lucky stone. Even though we’ve heard from an Irishman that locals pee on it because they know we kiss it. But once you’ve climbed those stairs you realize if ever there was a time to say f it, it’s now. We climbed into the cave and wished we’d be the ones to come across the fabled lost gold. Shocking, we didn’t. We saw abbey’s that looks like they shouldn’t be standing, they’re so torn apart. Fortunately for us they still are. I love the history that is in these buildings. They’ve been standing for hundreds of years. People lived there. They fought for their lives there. There is just something so magical about the history of it all for me.

Sorry for the overload… I get over passionate at times. 🙂



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