Today’s Irish views brought to you by The Cliffs of Moher! This is the most visited tourist location in Ireland and I can completely see why. We thought it would be warm like the rest of Ireland was that day. But alas, we should have known that at higher elevation it would get colder. But the views and the hike were worth every bit of it. The cliffs were crazy huge and the ocean looked like it went on for miles and miles (which it does ironically). In moments I just had to stop and stare. Where I come from, Oklahoma, there is nothing like this. I mean we have this hill that’s like a foot away from mountainhood but that is the closest thing. And nothing that men put on Earth hundreds and hundreds of years ago before some other guys came and knocked it all down. By the way, not terribly fond of the Cromwell’s. They’ve put their mark all over Ireland.

I digress. There’s something serene about this place and I hope you feel it in my pictures today.


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